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creative change agent:

teamwork and
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WHY (and HOW)

Imagine your company growing by focusing on its people's strenghts, creating a safe and fun place for working and learning and making its own successful way towards EXCELLENCE; building a robust management and leadership with the help of its members.


These are times of change, decision and courage: time to LEAD. The leaders you want promote collaboration, transparency, simplicity, empower their teams, stand up, follow a purpose, challenge the status quo and measure RESULTS.


Together we can develop a SYSTEM with rules and replicable activities to put your ideas to the test and consistently adapt it to the experiments’ outcome. Are you ready to learn from your team and the customer experience? We will take their feedback and embrace change as part of your INNOVATION process.


Let’s generate an ENVIRONMENT where people can think as an outsider and welcome diversity. We will map a dream where everybody is in involved, responsible and accountable for each step of the journey. Embrace failure as part of the learning process. Grow and EVOLVE, it will be fun.

People and organizations I work with want to grow and are ready to let go off the habits that are keeping them from being the best version of themselves. They are willing to challenge their own beliefs trusting the path to the guide of the experts.

Hi, nice to meet you

Visualize HAPPINESS at work. What does it feel like?
Are you willing to co-create a better future for your company?

My mission:
Help you and your organization to grow and evolve towards a great future by co-designing a proactive plan, exploring new opportunities, adapting its culture and becoming every day its best possible version.

I'm commited to:
* Doing my best in co-creating the best scenario for your organization.
* Standing up and speak up for what I believe.
* Making (or assisting you in making) the tough decisions that pave the way for long-term success.
* Helping you and your organization to make a positive impact in the world.

My values:
* Honesty
* Sense of humor
* Collaboration
* Ethics
* Continuous learning

  • Agile coach

    Enterprise creative change agent, collaboration and learning driver.

  • People centered

    Team connector, focused in happiness and productivity.

  • Game Player

    Specialized in group dynamics and serious play.

  • Facilitator

    Communication and people skills facilitator and enabler.


Tell me about your concerns. I can help you improve your organization.
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Carolina Gorosito

Hands-on Agile Coach
Creative Change Agent
Favourite quote:
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

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